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We encourage you to start a project thread

Posted: Thu Sep 15, 2022 10:26 am
by beltguy
By far, the Project Eagles forum gets the most traffic.  Many of the projects have well over 10,000 views!  A handful are in the 50,000 view range!!! 

We love to see what other folk's projects look like and view their progress.  Sometimes we even offer positive comments :x

So, who should start a project thread?  The answer is simple: anyone that owns an Eagle bus. 

We don't care what stage the conversion is in.  We don't care if you bought the bus converted -  we want to see what the converter did to create your great bus.

It is really easy to start your own project thread once you are logged in.  Simply go to the "Project Eagles" forum and click on the "New Topic" button.  Then start talking to us.:lol:  Once you create the thread it is YOUR thread.  You simply update the thread by clicking on the "post reply" button and add more information.

A guideline for the title would be to use your Forum name (or real name) and the year and model of your bus. (ie:Joe Blows 1987 Model 10).

We make it very easy to post pictures of your project:  see link  We LOVE pictures!

If you are doing a conversion your thread becomes a documentation of all of the conversion processes.