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Recently saved 73 model 5

This is a public forum. This forum will be a place to show your Project Eagle and updates on progress you have made. Please make one thread with your project and put all updates in the same thread. Sorry... Eagles only.
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Recently saved 73 model 5

Post by area51.24245 »

Hello fellow Eagles I recently obtained a model 5 chassis #8896 that had sat at a local body & repair shop for the last 9 years where i had driven by it several times a year it always caught my eye and in the back of my mind i always thought i wish i had one and then on a whim i stopped and asked what the story was on it apparently it had been in a accident the original owner had been rear ended back in 04 on his way from having 3 new roof ac units installed it suffered minor damage structural damage and more cosmetic than anything it was towed there the person that hit it was at fault the shop owner started the repairs and the painful process of locating body parts to fix it by the time the accident was settled the owner got in the neighborhood of $19k apparently this was a better pay out than paying the bill or keeping the bus as time went by the Eagle suffered a radiator abduction a cracked side window thankd to some bb gun bandits and sank to the frame as the shop owner had hopes one day of getting paid for time effort and parts it never happened time marched on took 2 months to get her out with the help of my dad and several good friends crazy as it seems the old detroit fired right up as did the onan diesel generator im adding pictures of it and will continue to add to the post as i start getting her ready for the road come spring thanks for the add to the group !
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Re: Recently saved 73 model 5

Post by DoubleEagle »

Thanks for saving another Eagle! I hope you realize that it will take some work to make her well again. You probably have a 4 speed Spicer transmission, which will take double clutching to shift well. Since it sunk down to soil level and frame parts might have been in contact with the soil, there might be a tad bit more rust on some sections underneath. The fact that you got it going again is a good sign, but don't run it too long without a radiator. ;) I just recently started up an Eagle that had sat for 14 years, but it took a lot of rewiring of the battery cables, a different starter, and re-priming the fuel system, but I drove it 75 miles to relocate it. Now that this forum has been saved, help will begin to arrive.
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