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Should I build a project thread?

This is a public forum. This forum will be a place to show your Project Eagle and updates on progress you have made. Please make one thread with your project and put all updates in the same thread. Sorry... Eagles only.
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Should I build a project thread?

Post by Songman »

If you are asking yourself this question the answer is YES! Honestly, we want every Eagle owner to have a project thread here. Even if you think your bus is not to that point yet. Even if you bought your bus already converted. We all do things to personalize our Eagles. And the rest of us want to see!

Your Project Thread is your Eagle's home on the internet. This is your brag page. Your bus's history. Some people already have websites devoted to their buses but this forum has a great standing in search engines. People searching for Eagle buses will find this page and if you have your Project Thread, you will be exposed to other Eagle owners. And isn't that what this is all about?

So jump in and start your own Project Thread. Use 'Your Name, year of your bus, and model of your bus' as te format for the title. Such as Songman's 1989 Model 20. You can use your real name or your forum name.

If you have any questions or need help posting pictures, just ask any of the moderators.
Dale Houston
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Re: Should I build a project thread?

Post by History »

What this man ^^^^^^^ said! I really enjoy looking at the build threads, seeing people's ideas being implemented into something great. You may inspire something new that all could share. If/when I get a bus I'll try to practice what I've preached.
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