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Check out my kitchen cabinet inserts ....

This is a place just for the ladies. Sure, the ladies love the Eagles too, but maybe they have other interests too. This is their place to talk about anything they want. Men, you can read, but posting is reserved for the ladies. The same rules of good taste we use for the rest of the forum also apply here.
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Check out my kitchen cabinet inserts ....

Post by Speck »

We are full-timers in our coach. For the past two years, I have endured trying to find my pots/pans/lids/cookie sheets/casserole dishes, etc. under less than ideal circumstances. Our cabinets were one large cavity with no shelf behind two doors, so things were stacked ever-which-a-where and I had to get down on my knees to find what I was searching for. This in itself wouldn’t be so bad if I had good knees, but since they are as old as the rest of me and aren’t working so well, sometimes it was hard to get back up. I will say this situation increased my vocabulary but not in a good way. Recently Paul found some stainless steel inserts that slide in and out at Lowe’s. It took him about 1.5 hours to install them and I politely stayed out of his way. When he was through, I was happy to organize my stuff and then did the happy dance! Pictures are worth a thousand words, so check them out – sorry, no photo of me doing the happy dance. I feel the need to do a ‘Vanna White’ number when I go to select the pan or lid I need – it makes Paul laugh really hard, but again, no photos! These cost around $160 for the inserts we selected and are worth every single penny to me. Now many of you may already have these and think I am behind the times. That’s okay – I usually am behind. Nevertheless, Happy Mother’s Day to me! Thanks, Paul!



Becky aka Mrs. Dreamscape
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Re: Check out my kitchen cabinet inserts ....

Post by SunChaserCindy »

Way cool Becky! I like it!! (PS... I know what you mean about getting back up, and increasing vocab! LOL)
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Re: Check out my kitchen cabinet inserts ....

Post by dukedelmar »


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