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2005 build on 1969 Model 7 with slideout -- new owner update

Got an Eagle for sale? Looking for an Eagle? How about parts? As long as it is Eagle or bus conversion related, feel free to post it here. This is a public forum.
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Re: 2005 build on 1969 Model 7 with slideout -- new owner update

Post by beltguy »

Matt, thanks for updating details about this Eagle.

I have changed the subject to reflect that you have obtained the bus. 

Keep us posted on your updates.  I will probably move this thread to the project forum in the near future.

If you decide to offer this for sale in the future, we will be glad to list it for sale on both the forum and our website.  Our website "for sale" gets a rather large number of hits.

Jim Shepherd
Evergreen, CO
'85 Eagle 10 with Series 60 & Eaton AutoShift 10 speed transmission SOLD
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Eagle obsessed
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Re: 2005 build on 1969 Model 7 with slideout -- new owner update

Post by Eagle obsessed »

very sharp bus!
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Re: 2005 build on 1969 Model 7 with slideout -- new owner update

Post by Panton »

Thank you Eagle Obsessed. Yes I was happy to rescue it. We had to deal with helping the former owner get it clear and out of a sticky storage situation but, with the help of Virgil Cooley in assessing it, I felt the effort was well worth the hassle.  I could not have done this without him. 

As mentioned, I bought it sight unseen.  After a couple of weeks of crawling all over the unit and a successful shake down run, It really impressed me as to the quality of build, overall condition, and the care the original owner took to document everything. It became obvious the potential for this to quickly find its former glory with a little more TLC. 

I am likely going to reach out to Jim this week about listing it for sale now since I am not sure when I can get back to it this winter.  If someone comes along that would be a good fit for this, I would be happy to see go to a loving home. I enjoy the process.
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