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Steven Oldham 1966 model 04

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Steven Oldham 1966 model 04
Fri Mar 23, 2018 8:37 pm

I just bought this bus it has a 6v53 Detroit diesel with a 6 speed zf manual transmission. It has a 6500 watt propane generator a new 12 volt system including new inverter and charger.The motor runs real well and the guy I bought it from just put the transmission in it that he found in a barn in Wisconsin or somewhere.The bus has alot of potential Im looking forward to getting fixed up. I do have a couple of questions.First when driveing the bus the clutch is really hard to push in is this normal for this bus and second were can I get a window either the glass or new window some punk kids busted one of the side windows Also is it possible to get new windshields for this bus the one in it is cracked and I want to replace it if I can. Im going to try and put some pictures on here. I will keep up with my progress and any advise would be great .
Steven Oldham
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Re: Steven Oldham 1966 model 04
Sat Mar 24, 2018 10:06 am

Hi Steven. Welcome to our forum and Eagle ownership

A good automotive glass shop should be able to replace the glass in the window frame. If it is single pane glass, the job is pretty straight forward. Dual pane is a bit tougher.

Assuming you are going to convert the bus, you will probably want to replace some of the windows with RV type windows. There are companies that can make the frame to fit your opening. Not cheap, but the cost of replacing the stock glass will get you part way there.

Concerning the clutch, many models of Eagles have air assisted clutch linkage (see photo). I am told that it works very well. If your bus does not have the air assist system, you could probably make your own if you can find an inline valve like Eagle used.

Air assisted clutch.jpg

Jim Shepherd
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Re: Steven Oldham 1966 model 04
Sat Mar 24, 2018 4:58 pm

An 04 is a pretty rare bird as only about 110 were built. Most went new to operators in Belgium and Holland but some were bought by someone in Morroco. All the glass was unique to that model. Replacing flat glass should not be a problem. I'm not so sure about those windshields.

If you get a minute, can you please find the chassis/frame/VIN for me? I should be in the range of 1201 to about 1320. I know where some of these went new but not all of them.

Be glad yours has the 6V-53. The other factory option was a Mercedes diesel and parts for an engine that old are either hard or impossible to find now, at least in the USA.

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Re: Steven Oldham 1966 model 04
Mon Mar 26, 2018 11:11 pm

Could anyone tell me how to go about testing the air ast. Clutch on my bus he'll I still got to find out were it zackly it is.
Steven Oldham
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Re: Steven Oldham 1966 model 04
Tue Mar 27, 2018 7:23 am

I'm not that familiar with your 04 but on our 01 is was located underneath the first floor panel with access to the tunnel. On some models like the 05 I believe it was located back by the transmission.
Paul Lawry
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Re: Steven Oldham 1966 model 04
Tue Mar 27, 2018 8:03 pm

I helped your previous owner (David) get parts for this bus. When he got it, it would not go into reverse at all. I located an engine and transmission for it in Wisconsin from an owner of a Model 04 that saved these, but had the rest of the bus crushed for scrap. There are cracks in both of your windshield sections, right? Well, after much research, there are none available. If I remember correctly, the glass came from a Swedish Co. A glass manufacturer could make some if they created a new mold, but that would cost thousands. Just hope that the cracks don't spread. He replaced the clutch slave cylinder that was leaking badly, but I believe it was a part from a different vehicle that was close in size. Flat glass can be replaced, but if you fill in some of your windows, you will have many spares. Sitting in the sun, this bus will get hot with all that upper glass and side windows. I would expect to find some leaks. The woodwork inside looks interesting, but that wood stove might be impractical. If you get this on the road, it will be one of six (or less) in the US.
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