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re index a bogie wheel

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Re: re index a bogie wheel

Post by DoubleEagle »

A trick I have used from decades ago to fine tune the brake adjustment is to apply the brakes on even dirt to see which wheels lock up or drag more, not just from axle to axle, but side to side. In the case of the Eagle, if the bogies drag and nothing else does, then back off the manual adjustment gradually until they come in line in proportion to the other wheels. Automatic slack adjusters may screw this idea up. Another factor to consider is whether the tread and size of tires are different on the bogies than the rest of the coach. The age of the tires can affect the traction as well, old rubber is stiffer and less compliant with the road surface.

The bogies are the lightest loaded of the axles, and there is no changing that. Fine tuning the brake slack seems to be the only way to ease the flat spotting, assuming the bogies are loaded correctly, and the ride height is correct all around. My Model 05 had this problem when I got it, but backing off the brakes a few clicks solved it. A wheel turning while braking has more traction than a locked up sliding one, it just won't be engaging as soon as the other wheels.
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Re: re index a bogie wheel

Post by davida »

I jacked both sides up evenly and found the curb side at 4750 lbs. Too much for me, so I took it off again and backed off one spline. I'm getting good at it. Only took a bit over an hour to do the the whole change :D
I'll try it here for the summer and check again in the fall.