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Frodnew's 1989, Model 15, 6v92, 102" wide

This is a public forum. This forum will be a place to show your Project Eagle and updates on progress you have made. Please make one thread with your project and put all updates in the same thread. Sorry... Eagles only.

Quick Saturday Update:

I've had to work quite a bit in order to make that diesel money ;-) Catching you guys up on what else I can do.

Tire Pressure: I posted a pic of the plate. Tires on bus sidewall say 120psi. Due to no seats, no large powerhouse generator, empty bays, etc...I set the psi at 100psi in front and 90's in the back.
Tomorrow, depending on weather, I'll be using the whole day to work on bus. I'll take it to get weighed and look into the oil analysis as well because this location has it all. I'll update you on this info when I can but will do as you guys say.

Emergency exits: There is a lot of rust damage around this location and I've decided not to keep it as an exit. I understand the reasons on why to keep it but due to my location, lack of school bus yards and other, I'm making an executive decision to close it up. I know where it's at and as I continue to work on the bus/roof, I'll keep looking online for a 27"x27" used exit in good shape but I'm telling you, they're hard to find.

Otherwise, lots of tools were purchased to make the job on the roof easier and safer as well as prepping for the inevitable down the road. The rally was a great last minute decision to see buses both new and beautiful and old and still in the works. When I thought that we had serious roof leaking issues, I never realized that others at a rally would have them too. Made me feel a little better knowing that the just having or being in a bus is worth the wetness sometimes.

OK, I have to run to work but will be back soon with more updates. Hopefully, pics so you understand my dilemma.

Thanks guys!!
Plate above pilot's seat
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