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What is the best for firewall/heat protection?

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I am about to frame in the area directly above the engine, I am wondering what I should install heat wise? and fire wise?
I am going to raise the area above the engine 8 inches to provide a bed platform and make room for a new engine in the future. Also sound deadening would be good. I am not sure what they came from the factory with. What does your bus have? How does it work?
I am open for ideas... :D
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Mason, raising the bed and making the bed structure is a great idea when you are in the fabrication stage. If you look at my project pages (see signature) on page 1 I talk about building my raised bed structure. I went 13 inches and that put the bed at a height I like. That was the first modification I made to the bus, with the thought that when I hit the lotto I would put a Series 60 in. Well shortly after I got the bus running the 6V92 spit up and the rest is history.

Recall, that the bed frame will need to be a trussed structure and tied in well to the floor beams. Also, you will want to modify the back bulkhead so that you can cut out some of the structure if you do put a tall 4 stroke engine in.

As far as insulation, you can not beat EHP Rollboard ( It is basically the same material that was used on the space shuttle. I covered the rollboard with aluminum sheet to protect it. I also used sheet insulation in between the tubing structure of both the risers and the bed platform.

Jim Shepherd
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